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Here at Amazing Animals, we have been involved in the professional training and supplying of a wide range of animals for the media industry for four decades. Established in 1977, our company has the largest workforce of qualified and experienced animal experts for this type of work in the UK. Our services include providing trained animals to:

  • Major feature films
  • Independent films
  • Commercials
  • TV drama
  • Natural history documentaries
  • Music videos
  • Still photography
  • Live events
  • Animal roadshows
  • PR and corporate promotions
  • Educational displays
  • Private parties
  • Open days (Read more)
  • Animal coordination and consultation
  • Historical consultation on animals in showbusiness and zoos (Read more)

Amazing Animals, Heythrop Zoological Gardens Ltd, Green Lane, Heythrop, Chipping Norton, Oxon, OX7 5TU