Animals and parties often go together. No matter what your age, nothing quite brings life to a celebration like the presence of a well-cared for and friendly animal.


DSC01754Springtime Party

This one is particularly popular with children, but can be adapted for adults too. A spring or Easter-themed birthday events provide children with the opportunity to view and interact with rabbits, guinea pigs, chicks and ducklings. Lambs can be brought in as an extra and subject to availability. More unusual animals such as a ferret, racoon, skunk, llamas or alpacas can also be added.  DSC00527








Summertime PartyIMG-20180212-WA0003

What betteIMG-20180212-WA0010r way to make your summer-themed party that much more enjoyable than to do so in the company of friendly animals. Our selection of animals evokes feelings of the tropics.

  • South American Squirrel Monkeys and/or Madagascan Lemurs can mingle with your guests.
  • Selected guests can feed a Three-Toed Sloth.
  • A choice of tropical birds such as Flamingo, Crowned Crane and Pelican can be on static display.






Halloween/Spooky PartyIMG-20180212-WA0007

IMG-20180212-WA0008Creepy Halloween themed events provide children with the opportunity to meet rats, various snakes of different sizes, lizards, frogs and toads, as well invertebrates like cockroaches, giant millipedes and tarantulas. For a special treat why not also include alligators, caimans and fruit bats. These animals can also be presented with a safari or other costumed themes.






Move It!

FZebra Partyans of a certain animated film series and its associated TV show might be familiar with the live-action versions of these characters. Do some penguins on a mission, a kingly lemurs and adventurous zebra are enough to get an exceptional party mood going. IMG-20180212-WA0009










1315-077Storytime Party

Animals are probably amongst the most popular elements in children’s stories. Think of Beatrix Potter’s enchanting taleIMG-20180212-WA0012s of rabbits, ducks, mice, rats, ducks and hedgehogs. How about a tea party with Alice and her Wonderland friends, the White Rabbit and the March Hare? Maybe some special guests the Flamingos (not playing croquet!), the mice, the guinea pigs of the jury, Bill the lizard and the frog footman. Where would Peter Pan be without the crocodile? You might even want to see Aladdin arrive leading a camel or with a monkey on his shoulder. And who says Unicorns don’t exist? We can bring these animals to your Storytime Party, safely and tastefully, with animal-carers dressed in appropriate costumes.





WIMG-20180212-WA0005inter Wonderland/Festive Party

Bring the enchantment of the festive season to your winter party.Nativity scene

  • Charming penguins can be on static display and selected guests may feed them.
  • Moving more into the traditional magic of the theme, Siberian huskies or reindeer with a decorated sleigh can be on display or for photo
  • opportunities along with appropriately festively dressed animal carers.
  • The Three Wise Men can be attendance with three Camels, ready to give rides to your lucky guests for a limited period of time.
  • A Nativity Scene can be assembled complete with donkeys, goats and chickens.



raccoon & skunkAmerican Party

North, Central and South America have a wide variety of animals that are suited to live events. Peruvian Llamas and Alpacas can be on static display. Squirrel Monkeys of the Central and South American rainforests can mingle with guests. North American skunk is an unusual yet friendly guest at this party. A beautiful, pink Chilean Flamingo can be on static display. Various reptiles including Mississippi Alligators and South American Caimans, and various snakes and lizards from across the Americas can be displayed and sometimes touched by party guests under careful supervision of our animal-carers.




All animals are multi-generation captive-bred, acclimatised to British weather conditions and live thoroughly enriched lives. Individual animals are carefully selected for their temperament and on the understanding that travelling to and appearing at these events will not cause them any stress. All bookings are undertaken after careful consideration of the nature of the event and details of the venue are fully discussed with Amazing Animals. Educational talks are an optional service offered at no extra charge. Donations to an appropriate non-political wildlife charity can be made when the booking is confirmed.

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