Private Events

Our private event packages provide a variety of unique experiences with beautiful animals that are comfortable with human interaction. Below are suggestions that have proven popular with clients. However, certain elements can be mixed and matched, and tailored to the requirements of the event theme.

All of the event packages are under the careful supervision of Amazing Animals trained, experienced and qualified members of staff. You have the assurance that the highest standards regarding Animal Welfare and Health & Safety will be maintained throughout the booking, and at the animals’ permanent residence.


penguin party winter wonderland


Sean Gannon (61)

Make the best day of your life that much more enchanting. Animals bring celebrations to life, evoking feelings of awe and wonderment at the many different species that share our world. These animals can feature throughout your journey of love:  proposal, ceremony, reception and even anniversary. Click here for more information.



Zebra Party

Animals and parties often go together. No matter what your age, nothing quite brings life to a birthday celebration like the presence of beautiful, enchanting and friendly animals.

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Special Bookings

Amazing Animals is the UK’s largest trainers and suppliers of animals to the audiovisual industries. We can supply a variety of different animal experiences for weddings, birthdays, military balls, corporate and private events.

IMG-20180212-WA0011maySean Gannon (37)

All animals are multi-generation captive-bred, acclimatised to British weather conditions and live thoroughly enriched lives. Individual animals are carefully selected for their temperament and on the understanding that travelling to and appearing at these events will not cause them any stress. All bookings are undertaken after careful consideration of the nature of the event and details of the venue are fully discussed with Amazing Animals. Educational talks are an optional service offered at no extra charge.


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