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We can bring several different animals to visit your residents in care homes, hospices’ and hospitals.

We normally supply Humboldt Penguins for a 1 hour appearance at homes, however please see below list of other animals we can supply:

  • Squirrel Monkeys
  • Eagle owl
  • Selection of Reptiles
  • Llama
  • Miniature Pony
  • Miniature Donkey

This service was prompted by the high demand we received from care homes. Many care homes extol the benefits of animal-assisted therapy. Without exception, all visits have been met with hugely positive responses from residents. Many care home managers and staff support the claims that interacting with animals improves emotional, social and cognitive abilities in residents. Due to the unusual nature of the trained animals supplied by our zoo, there is an extra layer of interest and therefore mental enrichment for those who are just used to pet animals. This makes for a joyful event shared by the care home community. However, due the animals placid and socialised natures, the interactive appeal of the visit also promotes a calming and stress-reducing effect on residents. The visits can help trigger happy memories in individuals as well as create new ones, both of which can prompt social interaction between residents through discussions. 


Our visits are weekdays only, normally at 11.00am or 2.30pm, or a time that suits you.

Please complete the submission form on this page with the full address of the home, any dates you have in mind and what animals you would like to see. 


Recent Feedback

Gloucestershire Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust

Pringle and Widget charmed staff and service users alike at Charlton Lane Hospital in Cheltenham yesterday afternoon when they popped in for a visit.
The Humboldt penguin couple posed for photos with colleagues and patients – many of whom fundraised to support the visit. Our thanks to fundraisers, Heythrop Zoological Gardens, Pringle and Widget for cheering up a grey January day.



Gloucestershire Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust

Having spent the morning charming the patients and staff at North Cotswolds Hospital, penguins Pringle and Widget waddled on over to Tewkesbury Community Hospital this afternoon, where they received yet another enthusiastic welcome.
The Humboldt penguins, Pringle (aged 12) and Widget (aged 7), are pictured here meeting Deputy Service Director Juliette Richardson, Matron Julie Ellery and staff at Tewkesbury Hospital, during a day out from their home at Heythrop Zoological Gardens in Oxfordshire.

OSJCT Avonbourne Care Centre

We had a visit from Pringle and Widget today, two Humboldt penguins from Heythrop Zoological Gardens. It was so lovely to meet them and we were surprised how soft they are!



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