Licensing & Qualifications


Amazing Animals and Heythrop Zoological Gardens has long been at the forefront of Animal Welfare. When you work so closely with animals and require animals to be cooperative, it breeds a strong need to ensure your charges have the best lives possible. Therefore, it should be of little surprise that HZG not only seeks the best validation by the law and veterinary bodies, but that they have been actively involved in raising legal and educational standards in Animal Care and Welfare.


  • Amazing Animals/Heythrop Zoological Gardens is licensed under Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (England) Regulations 2018.  Licence Number: W/19/00088/AEXHIB.
  • Amazing Animals/Heythrop Zoological Gardens is licensed under the Dangerous Wild Animal Act 1976.
  • Amazing Animals/Heythrop Zoological Gardens is the only UK private company of its kind to be Balai Approved. This means that they have to meet very high standards of inspection and submit monthly health reports on all zoo-type animals in their care. The directive is so demanding that those who are in possession of it are permitted to transport non-domestic species to zoos and other animal collections in the EU with little to no quarantine regulations.
  • Amazing Animals/Heythrop Zoological Gardens is a founding member of the UK’s largest and oldest self-regulatory trade body for animals in the audiovisual industry – ACTA (Animal Consultants and Trainers Association)
  • All those caring for the animals on assignments will have extensive experience working with trained animals (over 20 years in some cases) and/or be in possession of other animal training qualifications such as the QCF/NVQ levels 3-4 for Animal Training in the Audiovisual Industries/Education and Entertainment as well as other accredited qualifications in animal behaviour.
  • Amazing Animals/Heythrop Zoological Gardens were also involved in writing the respective NVQ /QCF qualifications in 2006/2010.
  • Amazing Animals/Heythrop Zoological Gardens were involved in the writing of standards for two Trailblazer Apprenticeships in Animal Care – Animal Care and Welfare Assistant (level 2) and Animal Trainer (level 4). They continue to be actively involved with several representatives from the Animal Care industry (including animal charities) in the delivery of these apprenticeships.
  • Amazing Animals/Heythrop Zoological Gardens is in possession of an Animal Transporter Authorisation Council Regulation (SC) No 1/2005 (Articles 10 and 11). This is a licence that covers them for the transportation of all animals.
  • Amazing Animals/Heythrop Zoological Gardens members of staff that transport any UK agricultural animals will have the relevant NPTC Level 2 Award Transport of Animals by Road (Short Journeys).
  • CITES appendix 1 animals are micro-chipped and have article 10 licences, which permits them to be used for commercial purposes.
  • Amazing Animals/Heythrop Zoological Gardens have public liability for £5m.


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