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Heythrop Zoological Gardens, home of Amazing Animals, is a private animal collection, registered under the Dangerous Wild Animal Act 1976, for the media industry and not on show to the general public. The demands of their regular day-to-day work on various projects would make it very difficult for them to take on a Zoo Licence. However, Amazing Animals enjoys interacting and being involved with the general public whenever possible. This is often achieved through their various roadshows and live events.

However, the company appreciates they have a special responsibility to their local community. This is why they do their best to work with their surrounding area as much as possible. Hitherto Amazing Animals does the following to help their local community:

  • Wherever possible, Amazing Animals uses local traders, suppliers and produce.
  • Amazing Animals’ basic work experience scheme (one week) has limited places each year for year 11 students and is restricted only to the taking on students within a 10 mile radius of their premises (this is NOT to be confused with their regular work experience programme)
  • Amazing Animals supply roadshows and various exotic animals for local fetes and charities.
  • Amazing Animals have a very limited number of times when they are permitted to open the zoo to the general public. Some of these visits take the form of visits by local charities, particularly children’s charities.
  • Amazing Animals have always had an environmentally-friendly policy, aimed at recycling and reducing wastage.
  • Amazing Animals opens its doors up to local artists and photography clubs.


Heythrop Zoological Gardens Ltd t/a Amazing Animals has updated their Privacy Policy in  line with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) 2018. Your personal data is a top priority for Heythrop Zoological Gardens Ltd t/a Amazing Animals to remain safe and secure. To find out more please read their privacy policy.

Amazing Animals, Heythrop Zoological Gardens Ltd, Green Lane, Heythrop, Chipping Norton, Oxon, OX7 5TU