Penguin wedding3Make the best day of your life that much more enchanting. Animals bring celebrations to life, evoking feelings of awe and wonderment at the many different species that share our world. These animals can feature throughout your journey of love:  proposal, ceremony, reception and even anniversary. For a truly immersive experience you might want to consider booking the entire private zoo out for a unique wedding reception.


Whether you want some help to make your proposal that much more memorable or if you would like to have your rings carried down the aisle on the big day, we have some willing ring-bearers only too pleased to help.



Proposals can be set up at a suitable venue of your choosing or booked separately through our Encounters page, where a number of different novel ways can be orchestrated to arrange delivery of your engagement ring. If this is successful, why not have the same animal back to repeat the experience at the wedding.


  • A Penguin can walk down the aisle carrying the rings around their neck on a thin ribbon. The penguins can join the bride and groom as they walk together between the lines of guests.
  • A Sloth can be borne down the aisle hanging from its branch with your wedding rings hanging from a ribbon.
  • An Eagle Owl can fly down the aisle to an individual with the rings. This will need to be rehearsed with the individual who wishes to present the rings.
  • A Squirrel Monkey can be on collar and lead and taken down the aisle with the best man or bridesmaid to hand the rings over

Penguin wedding4Sean Gannon (63)penguin party winter wonderland

Wedding Receptions

You can choose to extend the magic by incorporating animals into your wedding reception.


White White Rabbits2Wedding

The traditional and magical “white wedding” still proves a very popular image. The inclusion of iconic white doves sets this scene off perfectly. This package can also include white rabbits that can be interacted with under the careful supervision of our trained animal handlers.

  • White Wedding Package 1 – White Doves and White Rabbits
  • White Wedding Package 2 – White Doves, White Ducks and White Rabbits



Tropical Paradise/Safari/Rainforest Themes

The image of a tropical paradise is synonymous with parties and honeymoons. For British residents, the tropics represent escapism, where they can really enjoy themselves. Seeing this, many couples decide to bring this symbol to their wedding reception guests. Your wedding reception could be populated with friendly Central/South American Squirrel Monkeys and/or Madagascan Lemurs, which can mingle with your guests under the care and supervision of trained animal handlers, and various snakes and lizards as well alligators. We also offer static displays of such beautiful birds as the Flamingo and Crowned Crane.

Going on safari is a fantastical dream for many. Likewise, the rainforest evokes thoughts of becoming immersed in a lost, tropical world of wonderment. Your wedding reception could bring such wonderment to your guests with our rich array of exotic animals.

  • Tropical/Safari Package 1 – Squirrel Monkey and/or Lemur, Snakes and Lizards
  • Tropical/Safari Package 2 – Squirrel Monkey, Lemur, Snakes and Lizards
  • Tropical/Safari Package  3 – Squirrel Monkey and/or lemur, Flamingo and Crown Crane
  • Tropical/Safari Package 4 – Squirrel Monkey, Lemur, Flamingo and Crown Crane
  • Tropical/Safari Package 5 – Sloth, Squirrel Monkey, Lemur, Snakes, Lizards, Flamingo and Crown Crane


Lemur frozen treats1 (2)crown crane head











Chicks3Love in the Spring

Weddings have a strong association with springtime. Traditional symbols of this time include rabbits, ducklings, chicks and (subject to availability) lambs. Some of these animals can be touched and handled under the strict supervision of our animal carers.

This is a cute and endearing attraction for your wedding that adds to the springtime atmosphere and is particularly popular with the child guests.

  • Spring Package 1 – Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and Chicks (lambs are extra, if available)
  • Spring Package 2 – Rabbits, Chicks, Guinea Pigs and llama (lambs are extra, if available)



Zoo Wedding Reception

For those who want a truly immersive experience with animals why not hire the zoo for your reception. Here you can be surrounded a beautiful array of animals, many of which will be happy to mingle with your guests. Penguin parades, animal displays, tours around the premises to see a wide variety of animals are just some of the attractions offered in a beautiful Cotswold location.

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